Formula 1 | Russell wants to stay ‘five to ten years’ at Mercedes F1

Russell wants to stay 'five to ten (...)

George Russell arrived at Mercedes F1 this year alongside Lewis Hamilton, and he even dominated his experienced team-mate at the start of the season. The seven-time world champion has done a lot of groundwork, and Russell took the opportunity to put in some good results.

But the young driver expects to see his experienced teammate bounce back, and thinks they will team up for several years in the eight-time world champion team.

“It is certain that my results have improved while his have gone down” Russell told Auto Motor und Sport. « But Lewis is hungry and this challenge motivates him even more. He will be here for many years to come. I don’t see him slowing down. »

For his part, Russell hopes to stay at Mercedes F1 for the very long term, and although their joint beginnings were not ideal, he still has great confidence in his team to bounce back. He wants to seek success with a long-term project.

« We were all aware that there was no guarantee of having a good car. But I was sure that if a false start happened, this team had the ability to fight. We see that now. »

« I didn’t come to Mercedes for short-term success. I came for the long term and this is the best place to give me that opportunity. I’m looking at a period of five to ten years. »

Although he has a long view, Russell hopes to see progress in the second half of the season: « There is potential in this car. The technical directive applicable from Spa should affect teams who have used soft surfaces. »

« I see us getting closer and closer. If we continue at this pace, nothing will stop us from fighting for the wins. I don’t think we will ever have the fastest car, but I think we will have our chance. »

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