Formula 1 | Russell: There were ‘reasons’ for every setback this year

Russell: There were '(...)

George Russell acknowledges that Mercedes F1 may have overestimated its progress in its good races. The British driver understood, like his team, that his single-seater was good on tracks that were not those where it was expected to be.

“You learn a lot from all these setbacks” Russell said. « You understand why you got them and when you look objectively there were reasons for each one of them. »

« We may have gotten a little carried away thinking that Silverstone and Barcelona were tracks where Mercedes are generally very strong, historically speaking. But with each race that passes, we understand the tracks a lot better. »

Russell is satisfied with the reduction in porpoising on the W13, but he does not rule out seeing it return in the season: “We have made a lot of progress in this regard, but we also know that we had to lose a lot of performance to achieve this.

« And naturally, as we’re going to push the limits again, we have no illusions that porpoising could return. It’s a competitive sport and we accept to live with that. »

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