Formula 1: Russell sees 3 more teams at the top, Ferrari, Mclaren … and Alpine?

George Russell recently spoke about the 2022 Formula 1 season, even risking a few predictions. And according to the new Mercedes driver, in addition to his Team and Red Bull Racing, three other teams will be able to compete in front. The Briton quotes Mclaren, Ferrari and leaves doubt about the identity of the third thief.

It’s hard to say who George Russell was thinking when he mentioned five teams capable of winning regularly this season in Formula 1. Nevertheless, it’s a safe bet that the ex-driver Williams had Alpine F1 in mind, with the duo Fernando Alonso / Esteban Ocon. The latter having won a race last year. Even if Aston Martin and Sebastian Vettel would also be likely to integrate this bosom of the advanced teams.

A team like Ferrari which has gone through a rough patch over the past two years is going to be so hungry, especially with this new rule change, to come back and fight, like McLaren too. These teams have the infrastructure, the talent within the engineering department, with the pilots as well, to really fight. George Russell said at the end of 2021 (source:

I really believe there are five teams all capable of really doing something special next year so you definitely need to watch that and I think development is going to be absolutely essential. [en 2022]. It won’t be the one with the fastest car [aux essais ou à la première course] ; it is the one who will come to understand the car well and will be able to develop and build on these foundations throughout the year. « , did he declare. “And I think all the teams are going to make big progress from the first race to the end of the season.

Words that will please the executives of Liberty Media, who hope precisely that the new regulations will allow more teams to fight straight ahead. But only the stopwatch will give us a real answer on this subject. See you next month in Barcelona.

Article published on 01/10/2022 at 9:30 a.m.

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