Formula 1 | Russell on the next generation in F1: We push each other

Russell on the new generation in (...)

Aged 24, George Russell is part of a generation of young drivers who have managed to make their way to Formula 1 in recent years.

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen are the same age as the Mercedes F1 driver, with all three men having risen through the motorsport ranks at the same time. Alex Albon (26) got ahead of them by very little while Lando Norris (22) revealed himself shortly after. Esteban Ocon (25) and Lance Stroll (23) are also part of this same promising generation.

For Russell, he is « surrealist » to see all these drivers on the Formula 1 starting grid together, while seeing Verstappen and Leclerc fighting for the title this year reminds him « a bit 2011-2012. »

But who is really the fastest of them? Russell responds with a smile.

“I think we will talk on the track but, in the days of karting, we all had our fair share of success,” said the British pilot.

« In 2011, there were three main championships: the European Karting Championship, a single event which was the World Cup, then a second European Championship which was called the WSK. I won the European Championship , Max the WSK, and Charles was winning the single World Cup race, so it was a pretty fun year. »

Does he see a reason why so many drivers of the same generation have managed to enter F1?

« I was reading a book recently, and someone was trying to understand why, for example, there was a time when the best players in the world came from Brazil, or from a certain region of Brazil. Then there were these players from Russian tennis players who were incredibly successful and who also came from the same region in their country. »

« And I think sometimes that kind of thing happens to a whole group because everyone is pushing each other. If you’re not pushed to your limits, you’re never going to improve. »

« It’s the same at the moment in F1. I’m racing against Lewis Hamilton. I have such an opportunity to keep pushing myself. And it’s all about the little things but, having that opportunity in every weekend, I would definitely be a better driver at the end of the year than if I hadn’t had him as a teammate. »

“I imagine the same goes about the days when we were all in karting. We were pushing each other.

Russell « enjoy seeing the dynamics » existing between Verstappen and Leclerc this season and thinks the Monegasque is a « extraordinary driver who will bounce back from his mistakes. »

About the Red Bull driver, « There’s no question that Max is incredibly strong and doing an exceptional job, he’s raising the bar. »

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