Formula 1 | Rossi worries about ‘old and seedy’ European circuits


The F1 calendar increasingly shares circuits with ultramodern infrastructures, such as Jeddah or Abu Dhabi, and aging tracks, like Monza or Silverstone.

The latter underwent a facelift at the start of the previous decade, but according to Laurent Rossi, the CEO of Alpine F1, the contrast is still striking between the younger and older layouts.

« I personally think the bar is set very high, in terms of infrastructure, and that makes some circuits look venerable and amazing, a bit old and shabby » Rossi said.

“Especially when you are in Abu Dhabi, everything is perfect, it is very beautiful and they are doing the right modifications on the track. I think Abu Dhabi is now much better than it was before. pilots appreciate it. »

« Maybe in Saudi Arabia they went a bit too far because there are high speeds. In F2, like in F1, Alpine took advantage of that most of the time. In F1 we ​​managed to stay away from accidents, there have probably been too many accidents. »

« That said, I like to tackle new tracks, interesting designs and amazing infrastructure. For me, it’s an interesting way to inspire people from the Old Continent not to fall asleep on their laurels. »

And precisely, Rossi thinks that the European circuits should be careful not to become obsolete over time: « It’s great to be at Monza and Silverstone, and I like those races a lot. »

« But you have to stay at the top of your game because the others will probably build. I guess Miami will try to do the same. They have built something to make sure they take the place if the European circuits fall asleep. . »


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