Formula 1 | Rossi: Alpine F1 has ‘a rich man’s problem’ with its drivers

Laurent Rossi recognizes that it is difficult to manage a line-up of very talented drivers, while Alpine F1 has Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon in its starting duo, and Oscar Piastri as a reserve.

The Alpine CEO notes that it was worse last year, with Guanyu Zhou in the equation.

“Last year I had an even bigger problem” Rossi told Racing News 365.

« The most important thing for me was securing Oscar, and that’s why we let Zhou go to Alfa Romeo, and we kept Oscar. »

« So I already solved that a bit last year, and I still have a problem, obviously, but it’s a rich man’s problem, as I always say. I have a great champion in my car today. today, or even two, and I have a future big one too. »

« We just have to figure out what our options are. The season hasn’t started yet, we still have some time. We’re working hard on that, to find scenarios that will meet our interests and theirs, obviously, over time. time. »

Asked about Alonso’s presence as a starter in relation to Piastri’s status, Rossi replied: « Because he’s great! It’s the paradox of the media. If I had a shitty reserve driver, you would ask me why. I have a fantastic reserve driver. You should congratulate me for having a list stellar guys! »

« I’m keeping Esteban because it’s a choice I made for the long term. Last year everyone was asking me why I signed a three-year contract. And everyone is doing that now, so it seems like a good thing. »

« With Fernando, you can’t really bet on the long term, because he himself doesn’t know if in three years he will be fed up with all this, or if his performance is dwindling, so it’s a bit of an approach. year after year. »

Ocon as Piastri’s future mentor?

Rossi wants to continue training Piastri before giving him a chance as a starter. He hopes that by then Ocon will have learned alongside Alonso and can in turn mentor the young Aussie.

« The whole question is going to be how do you handle the transition properly, which I hope we will do one day. I definitely hope that Oscar wins races with us and one day becomes world champion with us. »

« We really hope so, and so we’re working to maximize the opportunities for Oscar to learn this year. And to drive, this year or next, even if it’s in another team. I see that as a very good eye, and I hope to bring him back to the team, which we will build around him. »

« And it’s a process in which Fernando gives Esteban a bit of his own expertise, even though Esteban is already quite experienced, and at some point Esteban will do the same with Oscar. Even though they are very strong pilots and talented, it’s good to help each other. »

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