Formula 1 | Rosberg elects his best F1 driver for the 2021 season

Nico Rosberg returned to the 2021 Formula 1 season, and elected the one he considers best driver. This obviously plays out between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, but the 2016 world champion gives preference to the Red Bull driver.

« Simply phenomenal » Judge Rosberg on Verstappen. « The level in qualifying most of the time, the consistency throughout the year, the level he took against Lewis, who is probably the greatest of all time, and in the Mercedes, that was just right. out of the ordinary. « 

“Wheel-to-wheel level … Lewis is the best in wheel-to-wheel wrestling, but it must be said that Verstappen was even better. It’s crazy. The level also during the most tense moments, Verstappen gets almost better. when the pressure is high. « 

Rosberg later clarified that this applies to Verstappen’s qualifying pace, and not to his performance in the race, which was more hazardous when the pressure was high, as in Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

“I was three tenths slower when the pressure was on, he was two tenths faster, it’s crazy. I don’t know how he does it. If you factor in the bad luck, he probably had some. a bit more. »

But Rosberg is not taking anything away from the 2021 season of his former Mercedes F1 teammate Lewis Hamilton: « Epic season, a little more ups and downs, also because the car had a few more ups and downs. »

« But still, Valtteri beat him quite a few times in qualifying, that’s why I put him second and Verstappen first. Nevertheless, we saw impressive work from Lewis. »

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