Formula 1 | Ricciardo reserve in F1 in 2023? Hill would see a ‘certain logic’ in it

Ricciardo reserve in F1 in 2023?  (...)

Daniel Ricciardo, who still has six races to go with McLaren F1 before leaving the team at the end of the season, does not yet know what he will do in 2023, although he admitted to being very open about his future.

The Australian driver, who has won eight Grands Prix in his career, has not ruled out becoming a reserve driver next year. Some rumors send him elsewhere to Mercedes F1, even if Lewis Hamilton considered that his counterpart was « too talented » to evolve in such a role.

But Damon Hill, crowned Formula 1 world champion in 1996, disagrees. According to him, there would be a « some logic » to see Ricciardo become a reservist in 2023.

“At least you are in a top team and, even if you have to wait for an opportunity to present itself, you will get information that could potentially be very useful to another team.

« But it’s also true that every team manager would look at him and wonder ‘where did his rhythm go? Can he get it back?’ That is of course the big question. We don’t know. »

But even though the 33-year-old driver has struggled since joining McLaren in 2021, Hill hopes to see him back at a very competitive level in F1 in the future.

« Daniel is a fantastic character for our sport, he’s always smiling but something went wrong. Not just about his pace at McLaren, but also his strategy to get into a competitive car. »

« Something went wrong for him, but let’s hope he recovers and we see him back at the front of the pack. »

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