Formula 1 | Ricciardo: If it can’t be me, then I’m glad it’s Max

Ricciardo: If it can't be (...)

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen together formed a dynamic duo at Red Bull Racing, but at the end of 2018 the Australian decided to move to Renault F1.

History may tell that the Australian made the wrong choice as Red Bull wanted to keep him on the cusp of their new relationship with Honda. But today, it is Verstappen who takes advantage of the laurels.

For someone who is still a McLaren F1 driver for six races, there is no bitterness.

« Max’s speed was evident from the start. He took his first step in 2018, the last year of our collaboration. It was getting harder and harder to beat him. In my opinion, in his mind, the turning point was the Free 3 in Monaco, when he crashed, depriving himself of a good position in qualifying as a result. »

« Then he quickly found a way to solve this mental problem. Because it’s all in the head. He found a way to mature very quickly and a lot. So I think in 2018 he probably did the biggest transition, that of a young boy to a man. A certain off-track maturity made his results on the track much more coherent and constant. »

For Ricciardo, there hasn’t been a fight for the world title since his choice to leave Red Bull but he is happy for Verstappen.

« To see him now continue that momentum of 2018 and do what he did, I’m like, ‘if it can’t be me, then I’m glad it’s him’. Because at least I have felt like I could fight him and it feels good. »

« And no one will ever know if I could have continued to hold him high! » concludes Ricciardo in a legendary burst of laughter.

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