Formula 1 | Red Bull reconsiders its accusations against Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda found himself under fire after the Mexican Grand Prix qualifying session. Accused of having embarrassed the two Red Bulls by the leaders of the Austrian team when he had sided with him, he suffered heavy criticism on social networks.

Few defended it at the time, apart from its director Franz Tost and Mercedes F1 on social networks with a little message of support: « Keep your head up Yuki don’t let the hateful words get to you. »

Tsunoda defended himself on social media but was still worried about Helmut Marko’s reaction when the two men went to debrief qualifying.

It turns out that the Austrian didn’t overwhelm the AlphaTauri pilot, as he reveals: « I told him the engineer was responsible. The incident was not Tsunoda’s fault. The team knew what was going on on the track and should have told him sooner to get off the line. »

Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull, also adopts this opinion after the fact: “After we had the chance to look into it, I think we have to be fair with Yuki and say that he could have been helped with more information. give aspiration to his teammate. « 

Horner also regrets the extent of the affair on social media, where Tsunoda has been attacked by many Red Bull fans. Horner believes that social networks take advantage of certain statements to amplify the phenomenon, although he should know that statements by public figures are often catalysts for this type of comment.

“I think the problem, if you look at the context of what’s being said, is that social media picks up certain phrases and exploits them. It would be a boring world if you couldn’t comment on a performance. pilot, it’s important to be able to do that. « 

Pérez confirms Tsunoda’s innocence

Franz Tost, the director of AlphaTauri, does not understand why Red Bull blamed its driver, when it was Sergio Pérez who left the track, unrelated to Tsunoda’s position on the track according to him.

« We told him on the radio that the Red Bulls were coming and he just had to push himself to get them through without a problem. » explains the Austrian. « But Pérez went off the track after Tsunoda. It wasn’t Yuki’s fault. To be honest, I don’t understand at all why Pérez left the track. »

Pérez himself defended Tsunoda and supported Tost’s words: “Yuki went off the track in front of me, but it wasn’t a weird maneuver. I was just too close to him, lost downforce and lost control in the dirty air. « 

Marko and Horner’s accusatory comments had the effect of generating a wave of support for Tsunoda on social media, which he did not expect: « I expected the opposite so I didn’t look at social media. »

« Glad to hear it, even though I ruined the local pilot’s ride. Like I said, I only had one place to go. I tried my best not to have it. slow down, that’s how it is. But I’m glad to hear it. « 

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