Formula 1 | Red Bull: Marko confirms exit clause for Verstappen

Max Verstappen has extended his contract with Red Bull until 2028. A date which is very distant, hires the Dutchman for six seasons after the current one, and raises a question: is there a clause in the contract of Verstappen? It was Helmut Marko, the team’s consultant, who responded.

The Austrian has confirmed that his driver will be free to leave if Red Bull suffers a drop in performance worthy of that which it experienced when the hybrid regulations arrived eight years ago.

« If Red Bull has some kind of ‘accident’, like in 2014, there is obviously an exit clause » confirmed Marko, without giving further details. It is likely that championship win and ranking figures accompany this point.

But Marko assures him, it was crucial for Red Bull to confirm Verstappen for as long as possible. The guarantee of keeping the world champion in its ranks is a very good thing for the team.

« Max is an important asset. So it was important for Red Bull to be able to say that we have signed the best driver in our team until 2028. If you have someone like Max in the ranks, it has a positive effect on the rest of the team and team partners. »

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