Formula 1 | Red Bull: Horner reveals Newey has extended contract

Recently, rumors surfaced in the Italian press that the Aston Martin F1 team was looking to recruit Red Bull single-seater designer Adrian Newey. A paddock noise that Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull quickly countered.

« Adrian is happy with us and has extended his contract » Horner said to put a definitive end to the speculation. « He has been with Red Bull for 16 years, he loves our approach and he is still very motivated. »

The rumor was not so absurd, since Red Bull has recruited massively from the competition, and in particular from Mercedes F1 and Aston Martin, as admitted by Horner, who explains that it is part of the political games between the two parties.

« It started in winter testing and then there was the story of the high lean cars that would benefit more from the new rules than the less lean ones. »

« Then we started to build a factory, for which we want to attract the best people to the UK. Some of them were from Mercedes, which did not strengthen our bond with them. »

The fight has raged between Mercedes and Red Bull since the start of the season, and Horner says his team are happy to be in this situation. On the other hand, he thinks that it is more uncomfortable for the manager of Mercedes, Toto Wolff.

« Toto hasn’t had any real rivals in the past seven years. He’s not used to it, it’s a new experience for him. We, on the other hand, have won at least two of our four titles afterwards. an exciting battle. « 

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