Formula 1 | Red Bull excludes copying Mercedes F1 suspension layout

Red Bull has ruled out trying to copy Mercedes’ rear suspension layout which can boost straight-line speeds up to 15 km / h on its current RB16B.

Much has been said about Red Bull’s revelations about the Mercedes F1 system, but team bosses Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have repeatedly ruled out filing a protest. They did not even claim that it was illegal once the phenomenon was understood.

« They get a lot more benefit from it than before because they also had it on their 2020 F1 cars, » explains Horner.

« In Turkey it was seven tenths of a second from Turn 8 to Turn 12. But they were weak in Turn 8. I guess speed in the straight was more important to them. »

“In Austin, Mercedes seemed to derive little benefit from the system,” adds Marko.

« We analyzed their setup at the Circuit of the Americas: they had to be careful not to lower the car too much because of the fast corners and bumps and they only took us a tenth in the straight line. »

« On the other hand, in Mexico there are fewer bumps. They could go back to a configuration closer to Turkey so we have to be prepared to counter that. »

Red Bull has no intention of trying to replicate such a system on its own car – especially since the concept makes it virtually impossible.

« It wouldn’t work with us, » Horner confirms. « The concept of our car only works if the front wing is as close to the track as possible. This has always been the case with Adrian Newey’s cars. »

And for the F1 cars of 2022, which will all have a very similar concept because of more restrictive rules?

« Top secret ! » Horner responds with a big smile.

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