Formula 1 | Ralf Schumacher very angry against Steiner: Haas F1 also needs to improve

Ralf Schumacher very upset against (...)

Would there be gas water between Mick Schumacher and his boss Günther Steiner at Haas F1?

After the spectacular crash of the German during the Monaco Grand Prix, the Austrian leader said to himself « unsatisfied » after another costly accident. From there to imagine that Schumacher will no longer evolve within the American team in 2023?

According to his uncle Ralf, winner of 6 Grands Prix in F1, there is however no doubt that his nephew will finish the 2022 season at Haas F1, believing that he was « fundamentally impossible » let him go during the year. And Steiner takes it for his rank in passing.

“Such statements are typical of Günther Steiner. They leave room for too many interpretations,” said Ralf at the microphone of Sky Deutschland.

« It’s not necessary and the team made a lot of mistakes on their side as well. »

“Now we have to put everything together: Mick has to be careful not to make any more driving mistakes, and Haas F1 has to improve as well because Magnussen is also having difficulties.

« It’s important that everything falls into place now, and that Mick can work well in the practice sessions and don’t make any more mistakes. »

« If everyone does their part, then I think everything will be fine. »

And if Mick Schumacher were to change teams in 2023, Ralf is not worried about his nephew’s future.

« I think the other team principals see his potential very well. And there are other options as well. »

“A lot is happening at the moment, we have a big German manufacturer who wants to come to Formula 1 with a German driver.

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