Formula 1 | Rain and reliability disrupt important Friday for Haas F1

Rain and reliability disrupt (...)

The conditions were not ideal, at Haas, to test the advanced package available to the two drivers at the same time for the restart.

The performances are also not encouraging on paper: Kevin Magnussen finished 17th and Mick Schumacher last in EL2.

As a bonus, the Dane had a problem (car stopped due to a problem with the energy storage) in EL1, therefore missing running time.

A hitch that he evoked in these terms this evening: “We had a problem and had to stop, but we changed what was needed for EL2 and had no further problems. I had a bit of rolling in EL1 so I didn’t waste too much time; and then it started to rain so it was OK. »

“The EL2s were okay on low fuel but I didn’t really have a high fuel run because it started to rain just enough to make it irrelevant. So we still have some question marks over performance with lots of fuel. »

“The car felt good in the qualifying stint and we just have to, as always, find a bit more rhythm and work on some things tonight. »

Mick Schumacher is disappointed: the Belgian drizzle did not allow him to see any obvious evolution with the new parts. Remember that he will start at the back of the grid on Sunday.

“The conditions were mixed, so it was difficult to feel a big difference with the evolution, and we are on a very different circuit from Budapest, but it was good. We obviously focused on different things than Kevin, but we still learned a lot, and I enjoyed every minute, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow. »

Guenther Steiner, the team manager, admits that this Friday was far from ideal for Haas…

“It wasn’t an easy day today knowing that Mick is starting from the back of the pack, so we made a completely different program for him. Kevin had an issue with his energy storage unit and the team did a good job getting him ready for EL2. »

“It was a bit of a mixed session, it wasn’t perfect, but normally on Fridays we are a bit late. And we’re going to make sure that tomorrow we get back to where we want to be. »

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