Formula 1 | Räikkönen talks about his best F1 victories


Kimi Räikkönen left F1 after 350 Grands Prix, and 21 victories. The Finn answered questions about his successes, highlighting which he said were the best of his career.

« I think the most important thing was obviously the victories that came with the championship in 2007 because seeing the end result, they were more important », he said in F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast. « They are all different. »

« Some came quite easily, others were a lot more difficult. The first one is nice because I’ve never done it. The last win was very, very nice, because it took a while. »

Räikkönen struggles to find a more disputed and significant victory than the others. The Finn does not think that Suzuka in 2005, which he snatched on the last lap after starting from the back of the grid, is more striking, even if it had been satisfactory.

« I don’t know. It’s impossible to say what was right. I mean, Suzuka 2005 was a hard-fought win and she came in the last lap. Does that make her better than the others? I do not know. »

Iceman also spoke of his best single-seaters, and places precisely at the top those which brought him the most victories, such as the McLaren MP-4/20 or the Ferrari F2007, but also the single-seaters which brought him more success than expected. , like the Lotus E20.

“I’d say the 2005 McLaren. I mean the 2003 was just as good, but it wasn’t fast enough. 2006 was good, but the engine probably wasn’t where it should have been. The 2007 Ferrari was good, just like the Lotus in 2012.

“They were good cars. It doesn’t always mean that the end result has to be victory or something like that. It could be a great car but, for some reason, it’s not fast enough, or other things happen during the year.

“But there have been a lot of good cars, a lot of average cars and a few bad cars … and some cars that have never even competed in a race like the McLaren MP4-18 which was put aside by the ‘team before the 2003 season due to problems during testing. « 


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