Formula 1 | Raikkonen: I really haven’t planned anything after the season

Kimi Raikkonen might not even be interested in a part-time role in Formula 1 once he hangs up his helmet.

As we reported to you, the Finn was not ruling out this possibility while Alfa Romeo boss Frédéric Vasseur wants to keep him in an advisory role to help guide development in the medium term.

« If I have to be there every time, I’d rather continue to drive. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise, » replied the Finn before saying that he had not ruled out a part-time role.

Logically questioned about this possible role in Turkey, the Finn already seems to be backtracking.

« I don’t want to be tied to a certain program for a while. I’m going to let things happen to me. I really haven’t planned anything, not even outside of motorsport. »

« But as far as Formula 1 is concerned, you will hardly see me again – let alone as a television consultant. »

« When I quit F1 for two years, I didn’t come to the paddock either. To be honest, I didn’t even watch a single race on TV. »

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