Formula 1 | Räikkönen did not watch the GPs at Monza and Zandvoort in full


Kimi Räikkönen did not watch the Zandvoort and Monza races in full, as he was sidelined after testing positive for Covid-19. The Alfa Romeo driver is back in Sochi this weekend and admits he watched from afar what his team was doing when he was home.

« Not completely, no. I don’t remember what happened, but I watched the start and a few laps here and there, but not all of it. » notes the Finn. « The race [de Monza] was fine, there was the possibility of results, but I was at home, so that’s the way it is. « 

Räikkönen notes that Robert Kubica’s comeback couldn’t have been easy, and his team did their best: « Obviously the team wanted a better result for both. It’s not easy to come back after not driving for a long time and be in the race. They did the best they could. »

The 2007 world champion is happy to be back at last: « I’m happy to be back in the car after missing two rounds. Obviously nobody wants to test positive but it happened and we had to follow the rules. It’s in the past and now my focus is on Sochi . « 

« The team has shown some potential in the last few races, and now we have to convert that into a good result. I don’t think my comeback will be any different. I just want to do my job and hope to have a good race. « 


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