Formula 1 | Pourchaire still ‘hopes’ to join Ocon and Gasly in F1

Pourchaire always 'hopes' (...)

Théo Pourchaire had a disastrous weekend at Zandvoort, in F2 last weekend, while Felipe Drugovich increased his lead at the top of the championship.

If the title seems to reach out to the MP Motorsport driver, Théo Pourchaire is still having a more than decent season: he remains a solid runner-up in the championship.

How does the Riviera judge his season so far? Is he disappointed not to be leading F2?

« There have been ups and downs, it’s for everyone like that, I think » he analyzed for 20 Minutes.

“There are always good times, times a little less good. We try to move forward, to progress all year round. »

“It’s going pretty well, I’m 2nd in the championship so it’s fine, we hope to do better. After that there are a lot of things in which I can improve, such as qualifying. There are areas in which I have made good progress like the starts, the race, I feel comfortable. It’s far from over, I believe in it and I give it my all. »

Inevitably, the future in F1 for Théo Pourchaire seems blocked: he is still a Sauber academy driver, but Guanyu Zhou is promised an extension to hear from Frédéric Vasseur.

What more can Theo Pourchaire do to show that he is ready for F1?

“Do the best you can. If I give everything and extract 100% of myself, Théo Pourchaire, on the track, and show it, I would have nothing to reproach myself for. »

Can he really hope for promotion without winning the F2 title?

“Winning the championship definitely helps. It’s a dream, it would be amazing and the biggest title I can win this year. So I prepared for that, I hope to do that. Is it an obligation or not? I give the best possible, there are plenty of hazards that can come into play. We’ll see. But we are not that far off, even if the competition is fierce. »

“For my part, I’m not at the top in qualifying, but I know that in the race I’m a little better than my competitors. I think it is doable. »

F1 is increasingly followed in France: can this also help Théo Pourchaire to obtain support in particular?

“F1 has become much more popular in France thanks to Esteban [Ocon] and to Peter [Gasly], and suddenly people are also interested in the future. I hope to join them”

Théo Pourchaire is however also aware of this: it is not just pure performance that can be taken into account to obtain a starting seat in F1…

“The 20 drivers who are in F1 are very good drivers. Sometimes there is also the financial aspect, that’s how it is. I take the example of last year, Oscar Piastri was not in F1 but he will have his chance. It’s not just performance either, we mustn’t forget that, but as a driver you can only deliver on the track. »

The other big barrier for young drivers is finally the financial barrier… Théo Pourchaire is worried about it, like Lewis Hamilton who had described F1 as a « billionaire club ».

“Motorsport is very expensive. My family supported me and made a lot of sacrifices. I realize this more and more, because when I was little, for me, it was normal. Today I am very grateful. I’m helped by my federation, I’m helped by the Sauber Academy, by some sponsors, it’s very important. »

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