Formula 1 | Possible replacement for Latifi in F1, who is Logan Sargeant?


Possible replacement for Latifi in F1, (...)

A child of America and more precisely of Florida, Logan Sargeant could well, to the surprise of many, make his debut in F1 next year.

He first benefits from the Piastri-Alpine imbroglio: the Williams wheel seemed to be reserved for the Australian in 2022 (Nicholas Latifi being possibly ejected), but it will be understood, Piastri rather prefers McLaren…

So remains the team’s reserve driver, Logan Sargeant. He has several tricks up his sleeve. First, he is American: the same nationality as Dorilton Capital, the owners of Williams. Then, he completed a second half of the year in F2 with a bang – he was already within shooting range of Théo Pourchaire, in 3rd place in the championship.

Who is Sargeant, a pilot that we still know rather poorly finally? The Carlin driver confided in us…

“I first grew up in Boca Raton, Florida, where I was born. I then lived between Switzerland and England throughout my racing career in Europe. »

“I really like where I come from. I really miss living in London, it’s a really fun place. »

« I think the time I can recharge my batteries the most is when I get home to Florida and really relax and go in the water and not think about the race at all. , to be honest. When I’m at home, I don’t think about running at all. Obviously, I get a lot of questions from people I haven’t seen in a long time, but it’s nice for me to completely disconnect. »

“But when I’m in London, I like to stay active at the gym. I am also often at Williams in the simulator, to stay active. I try to fill my days so I don’t get too bored. »

If he had a sports idol to look up to, who would he name? An F1 driver?

“It’s a tricky question. I’m a huge Miami Dolphins fan right now and they just signed Tyreek Hill and he’s an absolute beast. »

In F2, does he have more friends than rivals? Who does he get along with in particular?

« I try not to become too friendly with anyone because I feel like at the end of the day you’re still very competitive with each other. Someone I’ve had a pretty good relationship with is Oscar Piastri in F3 and even with Liam Lawson this year. I think I always got on well with my teammates. You always know you have to go and compete next weekend, so it’s always tricky. »

And his fiercest career rivalry, what was it?

“It’s the battle in Formula 3 between me and Oscar Piastri. »

On which circuits on the F1 calendar would he dream of racing, if he were named alongside Alexander Albon next year?

“Obviously it’s either Miami or Austin; having a race at home would be great. That said, I would love to race at Suzuka one day. »

“Well, I could be biased and choose Austin. I mean, how do you say no to 450,000 fans coming over the three days of a Grand Prix? It was quite impressive. But I must say that I also like Silverstone. »

Sargeant’s career has had a few bangs in F3 (3rd then 7th during his two full seasons). But the American remembers one race in particular outside the championship, as one of his career highlights.

“The Formula 3 race around Macau. This is probably the race I enjoyed the most participating in. I loved the circuit, I loved the adrenaline rush it gave me and it was a good weekend. »

If he had the chance to choose a number to race in F1 next year, which one would Sargeant choose?

“This year it’s number 6 because I can’t choose in F2, but when I can choose it will be number 3. Three for Dale Earnhardt, an American hero in his own right. »

Finally, the American says he has a very special ritual before each Grand Prix…

“If the weekends go well, I tend to keep the same underwear for each day. Before you worry, these are different pairs! I have a pair for every day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But if it’s not right, I have to change! »


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