Formula 1 | Pirelli will start from scratch for its 18-inch F1 tires in 2024

Pirelli will start from scratch for its (...)

Pirelli will have to develop its Formula 1 tires for the 2024 season « from zero »according to Mario Isola, the F1 manager of the Italian equipment manufacturer.

According to him, this need to resume 18-inch development is due to the sport phasing out the use of tire warmers, which will be completely banned from 2024.

« It’s not enough to just develop different compounds that heat better, » explains Isola.

« The problem is that the cars are much faster now and they put a lot of energy into the tyres.

« You won’t be able to tell a driver to just slow down for a few laps to extend tire life. These guys race and have to attack straight away. »

« That’s why we have to develop new tires from scratch. »

F1 started to do without the crucial side of electric blankets last year with temperature limits set to drop even further for 2023.

Isola points out that Pirelli needs real test time, on track, for tire development.

« We need these tests. Of course, we can do some simulations to see how a construction behaves under certain pressures and what the temperature distribution looks like. »

« But the final judgment is on the track and we need current cars with the new tires for that, without the electric blankets. We’ll see how that can be implemented in a test program in 2023. . »

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