Formula 1: Pierre Gasly releases a new big announcement on his future

Formula 1

Formula 1: Pierre Gasly releases a new big announcement on his future

Published on October 6, 2022 at 2:35 p.m.

As the end of the Formula 1 season approaches, Pierre Gasly’s future remains uncertain. Today at AlphaTauri, the Frenchman, under contract with Red Bull, is announced as Alpine’s priority. For the moment, however, nothing is official on this subject. But it could quickly be. According to Gasly, the outcome is imminent.

Where will drive Pierre Gasly from the 2023 Formula 1 season? This is one of the soap operas that currently animates the paddock. Indeed, the Frenchman is at the heart of all the rumours, in particular concerning an arrival from home. Alpine to pair with Esteban Ocon. Fernando Alonso will join Aston Martin and the French team must therefore find a replacement for him. Several names then circulated, but it was announced that the priority was named Pierre Gasly. It now remains to find a solution to satisfy everyone, at the same time Alpha Tauribut also Red Bullto then unlock the arrival of Gasly at Alpine.

 » Discussions are ongoing « 

The soap opera Pierre Gasly has been going on for several weeks now. While the vagueness remains the most total, the future of the Frenchman could be resolved very quickly. On the sidelines of the next Japanese Grand Prixreported by DAZN, Gasly answered questions about his future. And first, the pilot Alpha Tauri acknowledged that  » Discussions are ongoing « .

“We will know soon”

So it’s moving behind the scenes to solve the future of Pierre Gasly. So we have to find a solution for that. And the outcome could come very quickly. In fact, following his intervention, the pilot Alpha Tauri has explained :  » We will know soon. There are talks and negotiations going on right now. We should be able to come to a conclusion soon « .

A few days ago, it was the agent of Pierre Gasly who had worked things out, explaining then: It’s a complicated case. Pierre has a contract with Red Bull which runs until the end of next year. He is willing to work with Alpine, there have been many exchanges with them. But there are a lot of unknowns and it’s not under Pierre’s sole control. (…) Alpine is quite well ahead of AlphaTauri in terms of performance and ranking, it would be a step in Pierre’s career. He has been under contract with Red Bull for six years, he has made podiums and won a race. So it would be a progression to join Alpine « .

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