Formula 1 | Permane does not understand the delay to publish the starting grids

Permanent does not understand the delay (...)

Alan Permane, the sporting director of Alpine F1, is also annoyed by the lack of responsiveness for the publication of the starting grids affected by penalties. According to him, the FIA ​​knows exactly how penalties apply when there are several, and must act quickly to give a first glimpse of the grid, even if it is not final.

“We have had guidelines since 2020, and I believe the grid has been formed exactly as stated in this guideline” Permane explained. « This guideline was developed with F1 and the FIA, and has been consistently applied ever since. »

« So I don’t think there’s any surprise about that. But there may have been some among the people who didn’t have the directive, I guess. But I would agree that three hours and three quarters, it’s a bit long to wait for a grid. »

« I think it would be relatively easy for them to release it when the last car crosses the line, provided it can change after scrutineering or whatever. They could incorporate any known penalties, and that would be better for everyone. the world. »

Permane does not understand that Formula 1 has not yet put in place an algorithm which would make it possible to calculate these starting grids by applying the penalties. According to him, it is certainly doable.

« I imagine so, but I’m not an expert! But you know the car that’s in first position is going to have a 10-place penalty. You have all the information at the end of qualifying. I don’t really know why it took so long. I guess they checked everything a couple of times. »

« They’re supposed to release a grid four hours before a race starts, so whatever we get on Saturday night is a bonus, and they release a provisional grid. That’s important for the media, and it’s also important for us to start building our strategies and things like that. »

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