Formula 1 | Pérez: ‘We didn’t think we were at Ferrari level’ in qualifying

Sergio Pérez achieved an unexpected pole position in Jeddah, when we imagined a duel between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. The Mexican was solid and went for a faster time of 25 thousandths of a second than the Monegasque.

« It took me a few races! » joked Pérez, who took his first pole on his 215th attempt. « What a lap, it was incredible! I didn’t think I could do better, this lap was incredible, we didn’t think we were at Ferrari level in qualifying and we were concentrating on the race. »

Leclerc remains « very happy » with his turn

Leclerc, for his part, did not think he could do better than his fast lap, and had no regrets when looking back on his performance: « The lap was good, I’m very happy honestly, I especially wanted to keep the car on track and not make any mistakes which would have been costly.

« During my second lap in Q3, I gave it my all, I did my best on the track, I almost put it all together but I didn’t expect Checo to do this lap, congratulations to him because he did an incredible lap. Tomorrow will be another day. »

Sainz pays his time in used tires

Carlos Sainz was frustrated at not being able to beat his two rivals on the day, regretting that his best feeling behind the wheel came with worn tyres. He used tires that had already been ridden to have the confidence to attack, but lost performance because of it.

« The lap for third place was good, I was on worn tires because for some reason worn tires give me a better feeling » explained the Spaniard. « The new tires are hard to handle and when I put them on I had no rear grip. »

« It wasn’t a bad lap for used tyres, but Checo and Charles narrowly beat me. The race will be exciting, there are Red bulls and Ferraris mixed together so we will try to play with strategy, and we can expect a thrilling race. »

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