Formula 1 | Perez sees a tight battle between the top three teams in Zandvoort

Perez sees a close contest between (...)

If Sergio Perez seemed more comfortable than his teammate Max Verstappen at the wheel of the RB18 at the start of the season, the Dutchman has been unbeatable lately and remains on an impressive display at Spa.

Aware that he is currently not at the level of his garage neighbor, the Mexican hopes that the work carried out from Belgium will allow him to play for the win this weekend in the Netherlands.

« We’ve been working on that with the team. I was in the simulator on Tuesday trying to figure everything out from last weekend, and hopefully we’ve taken a step forward that will allow us to play for the win this time- this. »

“He (Verstappen) is certainly more comfortable with the car at the moment, whereas it was quite the opposite at the start of the season.

If Red Bull currently dominates the competition, it could be even more true from Singapore where it should bring an important evolution which would significantly reduce the weight of its RB18, which Perez confirms.

“At the moment yes, but things can change quickly and anyway, we bring new things to the car every weekend.

The winner of the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​certain: the Austrian team will have much more competition at Zandvoort than at Spa.

« I expect it to be quite different from what we saw in Belgium. Ferrari and Mercedes should be much closer to us and much more competitive, so I see a tight group in front. »

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