Formula 1 | Pérez relishes a good result and a good fight against Hamilton

Sergio Pérez signed his third podium in Turkey for Red Bull. The Mexican finished third behind Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen, and allows his team to limit the damage.

He is especially happy to come out of his bad series since he had registered 16 points in five races. He has 15 in the race in Istanbul alone and feels he couldn’t have done better. « 

« Honestly, I was very unlucky the last few races » Pérez notes. « In Monza I finished on the podium but had a penalty. In Russia, three laps to go, I was on the podium. It’s been several races since that happened. »

« It’s good, especially in a race like this, because I didn’t feel comfortable with the car and we didn’t have the pace to compete with the Mercedes, so I think we maximized our results. »

Pérez feels capable of helping Red Bull glean the constructors’ crown if he manages to outwit the bad luck: « I’m sure if we are able to do that for the next six races, we can still win this championship. »

Pérez distinguished himself in a great battle with Lewis Hamilton. Attacked by the Mercedes F1 driver at turn 12, he replied to regain his due in the first corner of the following lap, after three laps and a straight mano to mano.

“It was pretty intense then because I think Lewis really got me at the worst time of my race. I was really struggling with my tires at that time. That first stint was really tough for me. , especially towards the end, and Lewis was pretty quick. « 

“I think it was the fastest car on the track at that point. We fought well, I had to avoid the stud at the entrance to the pits, but it was a good fight in the pit. ‘together, and I managed to stay in front. « 

Pérez « understands » Red Bull better

Pérez is in any case pleased with a weekend in which he posted a better level of performance: « The whole weekend has been a lot more competitive. In qualifying we couldn’t show it because we were very aggressive with our strategy. »

“I think we missed those few tenths, because we showed a good pace throughout the weekend and I’m sure we could have done a much better qualifying. So yeah, I’m starting to see that I understand the car better. « 

Unlike other drivers, he enjoyed the first laps with new intermediate tires, on a track that was nevertheless dry: « I think those were the best laps of the race in terms of grip and in terms of balance. »

“The track was very grippy in these conditions. It wasn’t until the degradation appeared that it was very difficult to stay on the track, so I was pretty happy with the first 10 laps, let’s say. inters were performing well and after that it was quite difficult. « 

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