Formula 1 | Perez: It’s in the bad times that you learn the most

Sergio Perez also confided in the mental aspect of Formula 1.

The Mexican, with an iron will, is not the type to be discouraged. And he proved it during his difficult debut at Red Bull Racing, in comparison with his teammate Max Verstappen.

« We go through good times and bad times, and I’ve always found that it’s in the bad that you learn the most. The most important thing is to never give up, to always project yourself forward. future. There’s always a new opportunity. And there’s always a tomorrow, and that’s when you can do better. » comments Perez.

Unlike some other pilots, Perez manages his social networks and the responses himself. He admits he’s starting to find the limits of the exercise.

« Social media has become too important for me in recent years. Not just for an athlete, even for normal people…It’s a great tool…but there has to be a limit, and a balance. »

What Perez obviously prefers is race time. And he knows how to put himself in his bubble without any worries.

“I think a lawyer or a banker shares the adrenaline that we experience every day as pilots. improve. It’s something I like a lot. »

« But there’s one thing that these professions don’t live, you know, when everyone is watching you and shouting your name. There it is necessary to disconnect from everything and to return to your bubble, and not to let any noise you distract. »

The Red Bull driver attaches great importance to his family and his children. Would he support a career in motorsport for one of them?

« In any career, in order to reach the heights, the highest level of your sport, you need a lot of effort. And if my children are ready to do it and give everything to succeed, being very professional at their most young age, I would be delighted to give them all my support…”

« I received a lot of support from my parents, and I would do the same for my children. It doesn’t matter if they want to become Formula 1 drivers or lawyers, I will support them whatever their will. push to be the best, to make sure they give their best… I want to make sure they are passionate about what they want to do. »

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