Formula 1 | Perez: It’s hard to digest, we had the podium in our pocket

Sergio Perez battled with Carlos Sainz for the final podium spot throughout today’s race in Bahrain.

It didn’t seem to work, but after Max Verstappen retired, the Mexican suddenly found himself in third place. It didn’t last long, because Perez also had a problem with his Red Bull, the same as his teammate, and had to retire with his RB18 in turn n+1.

In the end, it was not Perez but Lewis Hamilton who took fifteen points in the world championship.

« It’s really disappointing when something like that happens. It’s a blow, but it’s racing. It’s hard to digest, we had the podium in our pocket. But, for the team, it’s « It was a tough race. It’s the first race of the season, it was important to get those points. It’s a shame. We didn’t have the same pace as the Ferraris and that’s also a mystery. » says Perez.

Like his teammate, Perez had sensed that all was not well with his RB18 long before his car suddenly broke down.

« I knew it was going to be tough to get him to the finish, because the problem was coming gradually lap by lap. We thought we could have gone all the way, but unfortunately we didn’t. »

« The worries of Verstappen and Perez seem to be the same, » confirms Helmut Marko.

« There was a failure somewhere in the fuel supply to both cars. That’s also why Perez spun because he suddenly had no energy in the corner. »

Where Verstappen initially thought it was the battery, it turned out to be the gasoline.

« That’s what Max thought, but the problem was that there just wasn’t enough fuel. That’s what we need to investigate now and find the faulty part. In about an hour we’ll have facts. »

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