Formula 1 | O’Ward: Ricciardo should try IndyCar and ovals

O'Ward: Ricciardo should (...)

Pato O’Ward thinks Daniel Ricciardo would like IndyCar, but the Arrow McLaren driver understands the Aussie doesn’t want to race on fast ovals. These do not even represent a quarter of the season, and that is why Romain Grosjean decided not to do it at the start.

« I saw online that he didn’t want to do ovals, which I respect » O’Ward said. « But I think Daniel would love it. I really think he would fit in perfectly. And does he want to do it? Does he not want to do it? I don’t know. »

« The car is very different. I can tell you that. F1 and IndyCar are very different cars. But I think he would like that. He likes America. So I think Daniel would fit in well. And I know the super speedways are very fast. We all understand that they are more dangerous, right?

« But that’s not an insult to ovals or super speedways. It might be hard to explain on TV, but it’s a very cool and very different kind of racing. And once as you do them and start to feel comfortable, you realize how special they are and what they stand for. »

« And I feel like before everyone’s like ‘I don’t want to try ovals’ and closes their mind, try them. Try them because it’s a very, very cool experience . It’s fast, it’s very fast. But I don’t think he would have a problem with that. »

A relatively greater danger compared to F1

O’Ward recalls that IndyCar on an oval is a different sport, as Romain Grosjean had already explained. But he explains that the pleasure behind the wheel of IndyCar on this type of track is unique, and that it is a different driving challenge. It relativizes the excess danger compared to F1.

« I think it’s just a different apprenticeship. It’s a different craft that you have to master, which ultimately makes the championship even harder to win because you have to master three disciplines. different, super speedways and short ovals, and a super speedway is completely different from a short oval. »

« And I think Romain can attest to that. At first he didn’t really want to do them, and then he tried one, and he thought it was cool. And I think you learn how that is to ride on it, how to play with the draft and everything and you learn to love it. »

« And I think super speedways and ovals are a very beautiful thing, and it’s very penalizing, but like in F1. When you go at those speeds, because if you have an accident at more than 320 km/h , I don’t think the consequences will be any less, you’re still traveling at such high speeds. »

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