Formula 1 | Ocon calls for rethinking F1 engine quota rules

Ocon calls for rethinking the rules (...)

Formula 1 is expected to consider a major rule change to end confusion over the alignment of drivers on the starting grid ahead of Grands Prix.

As the 2022 season enters its final stages, recent grids have looked significantly different from actual qualifying results due to a flurry of grid penalties for engine component changes.

In F1, to keep costs in check, drivers are severely restricted in terms of quota for major engine components they can use throughout the 23-race season.

Thus, each pilot can only use three engines, three turbos, three MGU-H units, three MGU-K units, two batteries and two electronic boxes.

The numerous penalties at Monza prompted Pierre Gasly to ask his fans on Twitter ahead of the Italian GP: « Can someone tell me in what position I will start tomorrow’s race? »

Fellow Frenchman Esteban Ocon has posed the same question to his fans and believes Formula 1 needs to urgently rethink the sporting rules regarding power units.

“Obviously, no manufacturer is able to provide engines that can withstand that many races. We do too much. There are too many races,” says the Alpine F1 driver.

« We’ve already been penalized twice, others have been penalized even more. But it’s not about us, it’s about everyone. »

« I think next season’s rules need to be revised to slightly increase the number of power unit items we can use. »

The French therefore agrees with the opinion expressed yesterday by Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull Racing.

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