Formula 1 | Norris unsure if adapting to F1 2022 will be easy

Lando Norris knows that everything will be overhauled with the arrival of new F1 cars, and totally different regulations. The British pilot explains that this revival could either help him or harm him, like all the pilots on the grid.

« Potentially yes, but that’s the case for everyone. It may suit some riding styles more than others and it might not suit me. » explains Norris.

« You have to deal with it. It’s something you have to deal with. Before F1 I had to deal with it in every category I rode. I only spent a year in each discipline, so every year I had to adapt to something new and try to make the most of it. »

« Hopefully the car will suit my driving style and that everything will be fine. There will definitely be things that I will have to adapt to and change, but I think that will be the case for everyone. »

Difficult to handle cars

Norris notes that he will have to adapt, but refuses for the moment to find an excuse for potential difficulties. He envisages that the situation could be the opposite to that of last year, where Daniel Ricciardo was in more difficulty than him. The problems of his teammate are proof, according to him, that discovering an F1 car is always difficult.

« In other disciplines you have the excuse of ‘it’s my first year’. In other series, your first series is the year you have to perform already and I think it’s a similar thing for me.

« I wouldn’t want to use that as an excuse to come in and say ‘I feel like I have to adapt to the car’, but it does and I think it’s been proven by champions and winners, who « A Formula 1 car, in particular, is not an easy thing to get to grips with. »

« It’s not easy to get into that zone where you extract every bit of performance out of the car, which I felt like I was doing more of last year, and that’s what Daniel got. hard to do. I’m sure he felt like he did at times, but it’s the next little step that’s very hard to do. »

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