Formula 1 | Norris: People don’t realize how good a person Vettel is


Norris: People don't realize at (...)

While Sebastian Vettel will retire from Formula 1 at the end of the season, his counterpart Lando Norris wanted to salute the kindness of the quadruple world champion. The McLaren F1 driver also believes that the German is sometimes the victim of an unfair reputation.

« I don’t think enough people realize how good Seb is as a human, as a person. He’s always well-meaning. And he’s passionate about his craft, » Norris said.

« And somehow some people have sometimes misjudged him when if you know him well you can’t imagine such things. But that’s life. »

« That’s what’s happening in the world these days, it’s crazy. But as a person, he’s always ready to chat or help. And I think that’s maybe even more true lately. years since I arrived in Formula 1. »

« He didn’t fight for the world championship and all that, so maybe that allowed him to open up and talk more to us, the younger generation, whether it was about racing or life outside of F1. »

« I admire the fact that he is always open to discussion, while having a lot of respect for all his opponents. »

Although Vettel has sometimes been criticized for his commitments away from the circuits, Norris admits that he would like to have as much impact as the four-time world champion one day, believing that the Aston Martin driver « was saying and doing everything he could for the best reasons. »

« He gets people talking and making headlines, that’s what he wants to achieve. It might sound silly to have bees on his helmet and that kind of thing, but he does exactly what he wants and I I have a lot of respect for that. »


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