Formula 1 | Norris impresses in Q3, Ricciardo stalls in Q2

Lando Norris had a very good qualifying in Qatar with sixth place. The McLaren driver struggled to clear his way at the end of Q1 on the track and passed some drivers during the preparation lap, but he explained that there was nothing he could do.

« There is nothing that costs us a lot of time, which was a bit bad, it was the second stint in Q1 » explains Norris. “The track was progressing and I was at the back of the field. We have a gentlemen’s agreement but I don’t know, sometimes we wait for something to happen.

It was difficult to get into position but it allowed me this good time at the end of Q1 and to go from Q2 to Q3, then to set a good time. I’m pretty happy except for that point. « 

He must now think about his race strategy from his place on the grid: « We thought about it a bit but we weren’t expecting to be sixth, we expected to be between ninth and 12th, we are happy, in a good position for tomorrow. The only negative point is that we will have to s’ run on soft tires. « 

Daniel Ricciardo failed to save his qualification and will start 14th tomorrow: « There weren’t any big mistakes, I just didn’t have the pace to win those tenths. I was winning in one turn, losing in the next and just couldn’t progress. »

“There are still things to look at, and to work on. The track was getting better and better, a lot of us improved in Q3, but in Q2 we started in midrange, it was not fast. put the tender ones but we weren’t fast enough. « 

« It’s a shame I like this circuit, but we are not fast enough. I think we did enough laps in practice to get a good idea of ​​the track, but the long corners expose the difficulties of the car. and mine, and I’m still perfecting my ability to optimize my lap times. « 

Video – The 2021 Qatar GP starting grid:

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