Formula 1 | Norris doesn’t drink water in races: ‘It makes me sick’

Norris does not drink water in (...)

Formula 1 drivers need to stay hydrated more than ever during a Grand Prix, especially in very hot conditions.

But some obviously drink very little.

Lando Norris has indeed revealed that he does not hydrate much during a race in general, including when it was hot as was the case for example at Paul Ricard or in Hungary before the break.

« I can’t drink too much liquid when I’m driving, otherwise I vomit, » reveals the McLaren F1 driver, who also explains that there are certain drinks he doesn’t drink when it’s hot.

« I don’t use water in my bottle located in the car. It makes me sick because it gets too hot quickly and I can’t drink it. »

Still, Norris admits it’s never happened to him before, but « I know it will, that’s why I avoid drinking it. My team gives me some just in case but I think it’s the button on my steering wheel (for the drink) that I have never used ! »

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