Formula 1 | Norris: Changing tires under red flag, ‘that’s crap’

Lando Norris is outraged that Formula 1 still allows teams to change tires and work on cars during red flag periods. The Briton returned to the pits under a safety car, and left at the back of the peloton.

The red flag deployed just after allowed most of his rivals to overtake him, sending him back to 14th when he was sixth before the neutralization caused by the exit of Mick Schumacher.

« It is perhaps the worst rule ever invented by someone, to be able to change tires under the red flag » Norris said after the race. « It ruined our race this weekend. »

“It feels like we’ve achieved a lot, just to have everything taken away from us. It sucks, because the team did a good job. I thought the car was pretty decent. But that’s fair. shit, the rule ruins everything. « 

The rule, however, benefited Daniel Ricciardo, his teammate, who was ninth at the start of the race and fifth after the neutralization. Norris sees a fair turnaround here for his team.

“I wasn’t lucky with that, Daniel got lucky with that and finished fifth, so I guess there is an advantage as well. If we had both come home, it would probably be the one of the worst races imaginable. « 

« I’m happy for my team. I feel like I did a good job when I could, I was patient etc. A lot of people crashed in front of me for some reason I don’t know. « 

And to add that Mercedes F1, which had its two drivers enter under a safety car before the red flag, had something to feel aggrieved when Max Verstappen was able to start again after this neutralization.

“If Max had won because he just had a free pit stop, I have a feeling Mercedes would be complaining. I don’t know if they would still do it now or not, because Lewis Hamilton won. « 

« So it’s just a big day for them. But I just feel like it’s a really unfair thing. The drivers not having stopped should still have to make their pitstop, they should be. more just unlucky rather than lucky. That sucks. « 

The Briton is disappointed with a tenth final place: “It’s still a fun circuit. But when you feel like you’ve given your all to get just one point, and it’s my fourth straight result with one or two points, it hurts. « 

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