Formula 1 | Nice 8th place for Kimi, Giovinazzi without radio at the decisive moment

By putting on the intermediaries six laps before the end, Kimi Räikkönen clearly paid off: the Alfa Romeo driver was able to climb into the top 10 and finish in 8th place. This is his best F1 result since Brazil 2019: not bad for his comeback after two absence Grands Prix!

“It’s a good result for which we fought. We could follow our rivals in the dry but overtaking them was not easy, especially in the DRS trains. In the end, we made the right decision about the tires: I thought it was getting too wet and we chose to go to the pits, which really helped us in the end. We did the best we could and we have a few points to show it. « 

Antonio Giovinazzi shod the inters three laps after his teammate: it was the wrong choice. Now at Alfa Romeo, Kimi Räikkönen has entered the points 3 times and the Italian only once. But Antonio Giovinazzi has an excuse and it was a big one: he didn’t have a radio during the whole race!

“It was an eventful race with a lot of events. I was hit in the second corner and lost a few places there: moreover, I was without a radio from the first lap, so it was impossible to communicate with the team. The afternoon was difficult, especially when the rain started at the end of the race and I couldn’t communicate with the pits to change the tires. I’m happy with the team’s result, but I’m already looking forward to being in Turkey. « 

Frédéric Vasseur, the team manager, is satisfied with this result which allows Alfa Romeo to now have 7 units in the constructors’ standings (Williams has 23).

“The race was very exciting and we are leaving with a good number of points. Despite a difficult Saturday, we approached the race with calm optimism because we knew we would be able to fight. Kimi got off to a good start, while Antonio was hit and had to come up from behind. He took part in some good fights and made some nice passes – especially since he didn’t have a radio. Kimi was able to stay with Ocon for most of the race, just out of the points, and when the rain came we made the right choice to stop. « 

“It’s a good result, a reward for the work we have done so far and a boost of confidence ahead of the next race in Turkey in two weeks. « 

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