Formula 1 | Newey regrets that the 2022 F1s are heavier and less aerodynamic

The new Formula 1 cars should offer us more competitive races from this year, thanks to simplified aerodynamics and the return of ground effect, but they have also seen their weight increase once again.

Initially supposed to weigh 795 kilos this year, the single-seaters will finally weigh 798, after the teams have agreed. It now lacks the agreement of the F1 Commission and the World Motor Sport Council for this to be definitively ratified.

Adrian Newey, the mythical engineer of the Red Bull team, confirms that this weight limit has been a real challenge for the teams, especially his own.

« Bringing the cars to this weight limit was a real challenge for all the teams, » Newey said. « Let’s not forget that roughly, and according to the circuits, we are talking about three tenths of a second for 10 kilos. »

Newey doesn’t like the direction F1 is taking

The increased weight of single-seaters makes them less agile and therefore more difficult to maneuver than in the past. A situation that does not please Newey.

“The reality is that we now have cars that start at almost 900 kilos, which was once considered very heavy for a race car.

“In just a few years, the weight limit has gone from 600 kilos, all with 30 or 40 kilos of ballast, to cars that are now 880, and we are all working like crazy to reach the current limit of 795 kilos . »

« So the cars got bigger and heavier, and not particularly efficient from an aerodynamic point of view with a lot of drag. I find it a shame that Formula 1 went in that direction, because there was the opportunity to go in the opposite direction. »

« This direction corresponds to what is done in the automotive market in general. »

“Everyone is driving bigger, heavier and wider cars, and then people are obsessed with going electric or petrol.

« The biggest issue is how much energy it takes to move this damn thing, no matter where the energy is coming from. Nobody really understands all that because of course the builders don’t want it. »

« I believe F1 cars should be lighter and geared towards aerodynamic efficiency. »

« Nobody really seems to care about the energy needed to move the vehicle. Currently, and this is ridiculous, manufacturers are getting exemptions to offer bigger and heavier vehicles with their CO2 emissions. Where is the logic in all that ? »

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