Formula 1 | New Aston Martin F1 boss doubts BMW will follow suit

Mike Krack, the outgoing boss of BMW’s motorsport division, has played down suggestions that the German manufacturer might consider Formula 1.

Krack has been recruited by Aston Martin in Formula 1 to replace Otmar Szafnauer, who himself is believed to be linked with a return to Alpine F1.

When asked if BMW could follow him into F1, perhaps to join their main German rivals Audi and Porsche, he said: « BMW is always watching what’s happening in Formula 1. But I don’t think that’s a problem the brand has at the moment. »

Krack was in F1 during his BMW-Sauber days, where he first worked with Sebastian Vettel who is now at Aston Martin.

He admitted to having « a good relationship » with the quadruple world champion, but is not sure that the German driver has made good publicity for him.

« I don’t know, I wasn’t there. You’ll have to ask him. I know he was very close to Otmar and we inevitably lost more or less contact over time. It’s normal. »

What Krack admits is that he faces a big challenge leading Aston Martin as team boss.

« That’s right. And there’s no one there to train me. I’m aware of the pressure on me, but mostly I have to absorb it so it doesn’t spread to any the team. »

« I always tried to isolate as much as possible the business environment as such, the corporate as they say, away from motorsport, otherwise you lose specialists when they have to manage things they don’t care about. »

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