Formula 1 | Mick Schumacher arrives at a successful Sochi circuit

This week, Formula 1 heads to Sochi for the Russian Grand Prix, a circuit that Mick Schumacher knows since it is used by Formula 2.

The German Haas F1 driver stepped onto the podium twice last year, winning the main race and finishing third in the sprint race. What to give him confidence before approaching this weekend.

“Last year was pretty successful for me there. We won and increased our lead in the championship, which obviously was very useful for the last few races that followed. I really think my experiences there- lows have been pretty good and I’ve racked up a lot of points on this circuit which is always a good feeling when you have to go back, «  says Schumacher.

Sochi will host one more Grand Prix in 2022 before moving to Igora Drive near St. Petersburg from 2023.

« I’m excited to discover new tracks and Igora looks interesting. Sochi is a pretty ‘straightforward’ track – we have a lot of 90 degree turns, but obviously if you’re not good at it this is can be terrible. If you’re good, that helps! « 

“It’s interesting to see the Olympic Winter Games stadium and the whole city being quite close. There is a lot of sports and a lot of tourism there, there is a nice amusement park too. haven’t seen much more than the circuit last year, but it looks like an interesting place to check out. « 

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