Formula 1 | Mercedes F1 warns rivals: We have more performance to come

Mercedes F1 warns its rivals: (...)

Mercedes F1 has warned rivals Red Bull and Ferrari that the team will perform better in the near future.

The German team has struggled since the start of the season with the arrival of new Formula 1 regulations. It has still not won a single Grand Prix this season.

The W13 is all the same in progress and this was seen successively in France then in Hungary, where the Brackley team won a double podium each time.

And as new developments are on the way, the level of performance should increase even further.

« We have more to come, » said Andrew Shovlin, the director of track engineering at Mercedes F1 during his last video debrief.

« We are trying to bring more performance for Spa which hopefully will allow us to close the gap, we are not very far now. But we will continue to develop the car for some time. »

« We’re pretty excited though, the last few races have been the most fun of the year and we’re hoping to take that extra step because we clearly want to win races in the near future, so we’re working to achieve that. »

Shovlin describes the Budapest double podium as being « particularly satisfying, » the result was not obtained thanks to reliability problems with the competition.

“The last race was particularly satisfying because we didn’t need anyone’s bad luck or a reliability issue.

« The pace of the car was good too, and it’s always nice to have a good race just before the summer break. »

“The most satisfying thing was seeing where the car was in terms of pace in qualifying and in the race.

« We’ve had a lot of catching up to do since the start of the year, we’ve worked very hard to bring parts to every race and it’s very satisfying to see that we can now race against Ferraris and Red Bulls. in the front. »

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