Formula 1 | Mercedes F1: The next two months will be ‘crucial’ for 2023 according to Wolff

Mercedes F1: The next two (...)

If Mercedes F1 still hopes to win at least one Grand Prix by the end of the season, and why not steal second place in the constructors’ championship from Ferrari, the German team is mainly focused on the 2023 season where it will have to take a a much better start than this year if she is to become a contender for world titles again.

But for that, she has every interest in continuing to try to better understand her current single-seater, the W13, which has caused her so many problems this season due to its sometimes unpredictable behavior on the track, far from the results obtained in simulation. .

The technical director of Mercedes F1, Mike Elliott, thus underlined the difficulties encountered in the context of the preparation of the future W14 of the next year. And the boss, Toto Wolff, confirms that the end of the 2022 season will be crucial for the development of this single-seater.

“We ran out of tools and simulations to understand the problem of the car we developed,” said the Austrian leader. « We weren’t able to exploit it as we wanted. Both aerodynamically and mechanically, we weren’t able to optimize it. It took us months to correct some decisions made upstream. « 

« And it’s not like I think we’ve found the Holy Grail and everything is going to be great next year. We’re now in a crucial period. We need, in the next two months, to understand with clarify what needs to be done for next year. »

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