Formula 1 | Mercedes F1: Russell and Hamilton hope less to bounce back at Silverstone

Mercedes F1: Russell and Hamilton (...)

For the first time in his career, George Russell will compete in the British Grand Prix with a Formula 1 capable of playing at the front. His Mercedes will probably not allow him to win at Silverstone, but perhaps to obtain a top 5, or even a podium. The 24-year-old Briton is eager to perform in front of his home crowd.

« Obviously we hope to perform better at Silverstone, but it will nevertheless be very exciting to race in front of our home crowd and have a chance of a podium. And I think Silverstone is any driver’s favorite circuit. Not just for the plot in itself, but thanks to all those passionate fans of the sport. Hopefully the weather holds, I can’t wait to be there. »

His teammate Lewis Hamilton will not be the favorite for victory in Great Britain either, he who won eight times at Silverstone (record), on a circuit he particularly appreciates. He hopes that the a priori more fluid surface will allow the W13 to perform as well as in Barcelona.

« Silverstone is one of the best circuits, if not the best, in the sense that it combines medium and high speed corners, and the high speed corners are the most fun. And with these cars that we have today, I mean look at Barcelona, ​​we had some rebound in the fast corners. It might not be that spectacular, but hopefully we’ll have it fixed by then. But we’ll see. I think it’ll be amazing for all of us. And it’s a bit easier to follow this year, so the race could be better. »

Lando Norris, the McLaren F1 driver, will also play at home at Silverstone. Besides the pleasure of meeting all his fans, he hopes that the new regulations will make it possible to offer a memorable race there.

« Of course, at least I hope so. Silverstone is always a great weekend in itself, it’s always spectacular to see Formula 1 there. And I think the racing has improved a bit this year. Maybe not so much on circuits with mostly straights, but on those with long corners like Silverstone, that’s where we see the biggest difference from previous seasons. »

« But the most important factor is that this is my home race and the UK fans had been amazing last year, despite the Covid. All the places have been sold out and hopefully we will have even more fans, that I would have more fans myself. I can’t wait to see them all there. »

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