Formula 1 | Mercedes F1 have ‘taken an important step forward’ in Barcelona according to Wolff

Toto Wolff was smiling at the end of qualifying in Barcelona, ​​after George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished 4th and 6th respectively in this session.

Mercedes F1 has brought many new features to its W13 this weekend, and Wolff is delighted to finally see concrete progress.

« I think we have taken an important step forward in Barcelona, » commented the Austrian after qualifying. « You always try to be realistic about your expectations, and I think today’s result is the best we could expect. »

« I have faith that our car is better in the race than in qualifying, but we will see tomorrow what we can do compared to the others. I think Red Bull has this tendency to be stronger than Ferrari. race. »

Very affected by the problems of his W13 since the start of the season, Lewis Hamilton was this time very happy with the pace of his car after qualifying, which Wolff confirms.

« Lewis said the car finally drives like a Formula 1, and I think that’s the best feedback you can get from a driver. We also see the new generation coming up and George s « Is perfectly integrated into the team. He works very well with Lewis. And the rhythm is there. »

Another far from negligible detail: the W13 hardly porpoises anymore thanks to its developments in Barcelona. But the Mercedes F1 boss says there is still a lot of work to be done.

« We know how to unlock more performance, but we’re not there yet. We’re taking it step by step. The other teams continued to develop their cars while we looked for solutions to stop the rebound. We can resume our development normal once we understand the tires and the bouncing is completely gone. »

« Stopping the rebound is simple: it’s an aerodynamic phenomenon caused by ground effect. It was difficult to come to this conclusion in a scientific way, but the team succeeded and it’s great. »

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