Formula 1 | Mercedes F1: Hakkinen questions Hamilton’s annoyance

Mika Hakkinen questions the mental aspect of Lewis Hamilton’s season. The former McLaren driver thinks the seven-time world champion could grow impatient if the team struggles and George Russell, who beat him in Jeddah and beat him with a strategic fluke in Melbourne, place in front of him.

« It’s a difficult position for Lewis, that’s obvious » declared the double world champion. « The last race in Australia was a tough time for Lewis, really tough. They got a good result, not the result they were hoping for, but still good points for the team. »

« But I’m sure Lewis is still annoyed by the situation. It’s hard to be beaten by George. I’m afraid it’s going to be a really hard season for Lewis. It’s hard enough for Mercedes, but especially for Lewis. »

Häkkinen even envisions an annoyed Hamilton in meetings, and predicts an easier situation for Russell: « George comes from a team that has little or no success. He had some good results in qualifying but not in the race. All these achievements with Mercedes are new for him. Everything seems super good. »

« For Lewis it’s a disaster. And with George up front it’s even worse. I wonder how Lewis behaves in team meetings, I bet he’s sulking. I can imagine he’s sulking. There’s a lot of complaining and whining. »

« And now begins the drivers’ natural thought process of whether he should go somewhere else. That’s a fact. He was at Mercedes for years and won several championships. Now that things are not going well, he’s going to start thinking about changing teams. »

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