Formula 1 | Mercedes ‘committed’ Grosjean’s F1 test to take place

Toto Wolff says Mercedes F1 will honor its commitment to test Romain Grosjean in its 2020 car.

After promising to test Grosjean one of his cars after his violent crash in Bahrain in 2020, Wolff said the team is still trying to find a time for it.

During the off-season, Grosjean revealed he had further discussions with Wolff about the test, but scheduling it between the 23 races on the 2022 F1 calendar and the Frenchman’s 17 in Indycar is proving difficult.

« The test is going to happen, that’s for sure, » confirmed Wolff at the Australian Grand Prix.

« We are committed to it. We don’t have a date yet, for what Romain can do and what we can do, but it will happen. »

« When I give my word, I give my word. »

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