Formula 1 | McLaren took a hit against Ferrari but does not abdicate

McLaren Formula 1 team manager Andreas Seidl believes there was no reason for his team to abandon their fight against Ferrari, after the Italian team took third place in the standings after the Grand Mexico Price.

McLaren scored just one point thanks to Lando Norris’ 10th place, while Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz finished fifth and sixth for Ferrari.

With four races remaining in the championship, Ferrari now occupies third place in the constructors’ standings with a lead of 13.5 points.

« I think the most important thing is to accept that days like this can happen in the race, » Seidl tells us.

« At the same time, it can happen to our competitor as well, so there is no reason to give up this battle, we are continuing and immediately next weekend we will try to retaliate. »

“The disappointment of Mexico is that we only scored one point, but again, it can happen to our competition, but we just have to focus on ourselves and score points consistently, which we did not achieve on Sunday. « 

“Every race is a chance to score points. Again, days like Sunday come, they can happen to anyone in this sport. That’s why we’ll approach the weekend the same way, we let’s maximize everything we have in our hands and we will give everything until the final in Abu Dhabi. « 

Seidl admits McLaren needs to examine why it has been so slow compared to Ferrari and AlphaTauri in Mexico.

“To be honest, it’s so hard to predict before you come to a circuit. So many factors play a role: temperatures, tire selection, downforce levels, track characteristics. We’ve seen it before. so many times this year that it’s hard to predict things and when you do, it turns out unexpectedly. « 

“After the day on Friday we didn’t think we could compete with the Ferraris in a single lap. This weekend the pace we had in the race wasn’t great either, that’s something we have to analyze. . In Mexico there are a lot of variables that come into play with altitude, which could also be another reason. We need to look at all of this and minimize those weaknesses for Interlagos. « 

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