Formula 1 | McLaren has progressed by adapting its F1 to Ricciardo’s style

Recently, Daniel Ricciardo confided, despite the victory of Monza, that he was not 100% comfortable, far from it, with his MCL35M – he wondered, when arriving in Mexico, how to negotiate certain corners.

But in this second half of the season, the Australian seems to be improving. And this is no accident. According to Andrea Stella, sporting director at Woking, the evolutions of the McLaren have allowed the orange single-seater to come closer to the driving style of Daniel Ricciardo.

“It’s Daniel who adapts to the car, but it’s a bit like the car that adapts to Daniel. « 

For Stella, this difficulty of adaptation, also encountered by Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso at the beginning of the year, is the consequence of the 2017 aerodynamic regulations which make cars hyper nervous …

“There was a lot of work in terms of adapting to the car that needed to be done. And these adaptations, they take a long time, because cars go fast since the regulations changed in 2017. « 

“That’s why it took a long time, and I think the reflection during the summer break may have helped this process leading us to make those necessary changes. « 

Adaptation concerns that by definition, Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo’s teammate, could not have …

« For example Lando [Norris], it’s the only car he’s driven in F1, so he doesn’t have a lot of credentials from other cars. « 

Especially, according to Stella, if Daniel Ricciardo benefited from the adaptation of the McLaren, the orange team benefited too.

“Indeed, it was a useful process for McLaren. And indeed, there was something in the car going towards Daniel. Some of the knowledge stored will essentially, as much as possible, be translated into next year’s car. « 

“It was a learning process for us. We have a new rider, a very talented rider, an established rider, and he’s struggling in some high speed phases. « 

“The input of a new driver, a driver who has very clear credentials, helped us to understand that some of these characteristics actually needed to be improved on our end, for example you have to see how precise the car is. when it responds to a small movement on the steering. « 

“We know that since the first time in 2017, when we put the wide tires on the car, it was very clear that they were super responsive to a little movement in the steering. « 

“And that can be a good characteristic, if you have like a quick 90 degree turn that’s great. But most of the time it makes the car more difficult to drive. We therefore understood that there was work to be done in this area. And indeed, we have made some adaptations to the car. « 

And according to Stella, it’s not over yet: the potential of Daniel Ricciardo will continue to unfold soon.

« But if we talk about our expectations and those of Daniel, we think that there is more to come, we still see that there are tracks or situations in which it is not yet as natural as we are. know it can be. We are therefore satisfied with the progress made. « 

“We understand why the trajectory was slow, we understand why we are now in a better position. But we think there is still a lot to do and we just need to continue what we did last month. « 

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