Formula 1 | McLaren F1 ‘ready to win championships’ says Sainz

Carlos Sainz believes his former team, McLaren, is « ready to win championships » after showing impressive form in the last few races.

The Ferrari driver spent two seasons with McLaren as the team began to extricate themselves from a quagmire caused by a poorly performing and reliable Honda engine at the time.

After a short stint at Renault, McLaren teamed up again with Mercedes from this season and secured a victory and a pole position thanks to Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, in Italy and Russia.

When asked if he thought McLaren was ready to win when he moved to Ferrari, Sainz replied: « Absoutely. »

“I think I’ve said it a few times before, I feel like McLaren, as a racing team, is ready to win championships. They just need a car that can do it. « 

“As was demonstrated at Monza, they had a car capable of making a one-two and instead of getting nervous or falling apart, the racing team, the engineers, the strategy were so strong. did, it was me passed, and with the fastest lap with the first chance they had. « 

“I know how strong this team is. For that reason it’s a great reference for us at Ferrari to fight against them for third place in the championship because this team is ready to win races if a good car is entrusted to the guys in charge of operating it. « 

« It’s an interesting challenge for us. We can learn from it and take it into account for next year when we hope to have a chance for the title again. »

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