Formula 1 | Mazepin Sr.’s curious idea about the well-being of engineers at Haas F1

The 23-race calendar is very heavy, especially for small F1 teams like Haas, which cannot ensure good staff turnover. Is that what would explain why the team lost several engineers in a short time, like the racing engineer Nikita Mazepin?

The Russian had already complained (being on the verge of tears) of a rotation detrimental to his performance curve. But the evil is certainly deeper.

Dmitry Mazepin, Nikita’s father and team financier, said he was ready to act: he would put in place a plan to encourage team members not to look elsewhere, or not to feel exhausted or depressed. .

“The human factor is very important here, and that’s why we want to increase the motivation of the staff with the team. As sponsors, we want to be part of the team. The current contract is what we have, but for next year we are proposing an additional agreement, on a voluntary basis, to encourage staff to stay, to get more involved, because you have to understand that it is difficult to prepare the cars for 23 races and to travel to 23 different countries ” so said Mazepin Sr. on Russian TV.

A curious proposition, however, from Mazepin: a title sponsor is rarely seen playing the director of well-being in a company. Why is it not rather Günther Steiner, the team manager, who is stepping up to the plate? But Mazepin is undoubtedly more than a sponsor …

From a more general point of view, is Mazepin satisfied with the financial commitment concluded between his firm and his son’s team?

“We are satisfied from a more general point of view, we are grateful to the team for finding a mutual interest in concluding this type of agreement. The team worked hard, but we see great opportunities, which we can realize through joint efforts, to achieve a better result next year. « 

What if Mazepin took the next step (and logical) by completely buying Haas F1? After all, Stroll father bought Force India for his son (Mazepin father also tried the blow at the time) …

Mazepin senior does not reject this hypothesis, but it would not necessarily be linked to his son, he assures us.

« We have big ambitions in motorsport and we tried, without success, to buy a Formula 1 team. »

« We have the Hitech team competing in Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2, and the real crowning achievement of this trip would be having a Formula 1 team. »

“It’s always a possibility for us. This is not related to Nikita but is determined by our long term plans. On the contrary, we want to expand our presence in F1. « 

“Right now we’re not in negotiations because everyone is taking a time out to see how things are going in 2022 for a successful and unsuccessful car. « 

“If a small team suddenly succeeds in 2022, its value and appeal will of course be greater. « 

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