Formula 1 | Masi refutes idea that FIA favors Red Bull with rear wing

Toto Wolff regretted this weekend that Mercedes F1 was disqualified for a non-compliant rear wing, after seeing Red Bull make changes three times to his under Parc Fermé in recent races.

The marshals explained that if the Mercedes team had come on their own to see the technical delegate, Jo Bauer, to ask for the possibility of correcting the DRS problem, they would have been allowed to do so without penalty.

Michael Masi, the race director, confirms that Bauer transmits the reports transparently, and that the race direction may end up asking Red Bull to permanently modify its wing.

« All the reports that Jo sends as a technical delegate, before the race, clearly explain the repairs or replacements that may occur in Parc Fermé conditions » Masi said.

« And it’s clearly marked so that everyone can read it. So from that point of view, yes, we have regular requests. And on a weekend with a Sprint Qualifier, it’s obviously still more important because of when the Parc Fermé begins. « 

“So from our perspective, we treat each request the same, consistently, we look at each one. If we see that something is systematic with the team on multiple events, we ask them to ‘make permanent changes to this room. « 

« No inconsistency » in the treatment of teams

According to Masi, the Red Bull is for the moment within the framework of this regulation and this way of applying it: « So there are a lot of things that come into play. So no, I don’t think there is any inconsistency at all. »

The weekend ended with an incident between Hamilton and Verstappen, after which the FIA ​​did not open an investigation, spurred on by Masi. The latter, who was waiting for the on-board camera (finally published this Tuesday) from Verstappen, understands that the tensions are growing.

“It’s a battle for the lead, a very close and intense battle for the World Championship. And I think everything we’ve seen this weekend between the two teams only adds to this situation. »

“Once you have an intense battle for the championship, you have both the drivers and the teams who are absolutely going to try to do anything and everything, from their perspective, to win. And that’s understandable. . « 

Masi assures him, the FIA ​​does not want to benefit anyone: « Every competitor, every driver, is treated equally and fairly at all times. Obviously, if you’re on the side that receives a penalty, you feel unfairly treated. So that’s part of the role we play. »

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